Dry Fresh Herbs

Have you recently, purchased fresh  herbs and have ½ a plant left, you really don’t want to waste or have an abundance of fresh herbs in your garden?. Well, this hax adds flavour to your pantry without taking from your pocket!!!



Recipe & Information

ALL YOU NEED : 5 minutes, microwave, kitchen paper, jar with lid.

PROCESS : Pick your herbs (a variety is always nice) and remove as much stalk as possible, give them a little rinse, then shake off any excess water. Place in a single layer on kitchen paper and microwave until dry. Crumble into jar, pop the lid on a use as normal.

This is a great hax to double up and combine with my Savoury Spice Hax.

JAX SAYS : Freshly dried herbs are instant flavour. Sprinkle through salad dressings, scrambled eggs.  Banging flavour for risotto or pasta sauces. Use when sautéing onions for soups and curries.

DRIED HERB FLAVOUR COMBOS : In a jar mix together 1/4 cup each of the following :

Fish :  Tarragon / Thyme / Parsley

Seafood : Chives / Parsley / Lemongrass

Pork : Oregano / Sage / Rosemary

Lamb : Rosemary / Mint / Parsley

Chicken : Coriander / Parsley / Thyme


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