Chocolate Magic

This is kitchen magic, at it’s best.

With guidance from this Hax, you can easily transform a plain, boring dessert, celebration cake, muffin, slice of cake, scoop of ice cream, bowl of berries or shop bought dessert into a stunning centerpiece.



Recipe & Information

ALL YOU NEED : A heat proof bowl, saucepan, spatula. A snaplock bag, baking paper, home made plastic template, chopping board, pair of scissors and a fridge.

PROCESS : Fill a saucepan with an inch of cold water. Place the bowl on top (don’t let the base touch the water) with your chocolate buttons or pieces. Gently stir and melt the chocolate (or you could use a microwave on half power). Once melted, remove from the heat and cool for 5 minutes. Open the bag and half fill with your melted chocolate. Carefully push your filling to one corner then close, removing all the air and twisting the free end, so the bag is nice and tight. Carefully, snip the filled end and you’re good to go.

Layer the following hax to create incredibly, easy, stylish and sophisticated desserts : Easy As Piping Bag, Sweet As Butter and Sweet Spice Mash Up.


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