Easy As Piping Bag

Drawer full of equipment, but don’t have what you need for a dish needing some elegant refining with some piping?

This simple, easy hax will convert your drawer plus save you space when you need to drizzle dressings, mayonnaise, sauces, chocolate, ganache or icing. If you want to create a stylish chocolate garnish, or personalise a dessert, this is a fabulous Hax.



Recipe & Information

WHAT YOU NEED : A heat proof bowl, saucepan or microwave. Snap lock or plastic bag. Baking paper, scissors and fridge.

PROCESS : Once you’ve melted your chocolate, allow it to cool slightly as you don’t want burn yourself nor melt the bag.
Open the bag and half fill with your icing, ganache, chocolate or sauce.
To create a piping bag, carefully push your filling to one corner then close, removing all the air and twisting the free end, so the bag is nice and tight. Carefully, snip the filled end and you’re good to go.

Use the following Hax to layer together creating  elegant, cheeky desserts with ease:  Chocolate Magic  , Sweet As Butter and Sweet Spice Mash Up.


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