STAWberry Hull – Easy As

Another slap your forehead hax!

A summertime must, this is the easiest and most efficient way to hull punnets of strawberries.

Fabulous for macerating with icing sugar & a little alcohol for a fruit salad, ice cream, garnishes or even cocktails. Perfect if you’re dipping in chocolate or creating a dessert masterpiece.



Recipe & Information

ALL YOU NEED : a bowl of strawberries, a couple of straws and a good aim.

PROCESS : Take a straw, position it at the bottom of the strawberry, push up through the stem and you’ve hulled your first straw(berry) – clever. Remove the hull and repeat. Layer this hax with Easy As Piping Bag and Chocolate Magic to create stunningly delicious desserts.

To create divine and delish desserts, try layering with the following Hax : Chocolate Magic or Minted Sugar.



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