Bacon Onion Rings

Wrapped in bacon and a divine alternative to the traditional onion ring, crispy on the outside and sweet and tender on the inside.  Quick to prep and easy to eat. Gluten and dairy free.

Stack up for breakfast, brunch, BBQ or just because. Also, a good one to prep, freeze and use when you need that bacon love!



Recipe & Information

ALL YOU NEED : Chopping board, knife, bacon, hot / sweet chilli sauce (optional), cocktail sticks, baking tray, grill, patience and plenty of it!!

PROCESS : Take a peeled onion and slice into rings of about 1cm thick each. If using, pour a little hot or sweet chilli sauce into a shallow bowl.

Dip the onion ring into it, then take a rasher of bacon (streaky is fabulous) and loop through the onion ring, around the outside so your ring is covered in bacon.

If you want, secure with a cocktail stick, or grill the BacOnion with the end piece at the bottom.

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