Ginger – Peel N Store

A wonderful addition to any savoury Or sweet dish and one of my fave ingredients, is ginger. Sprinkle or grate a little (or a lot) into curries, marinades, salad dressings, risottos, desserts and even herbal tea!

However, leave it in the pantry for too long and it becomes shrivelled up, dry and tasteless – no good to anyone. This hax shows you how to get the best out of this amazing spice – no waste, save space and great taste – ding! dong!



Recipe & Information

WHAT YOU NEED : Teaspoon and a plastic container or zip lock bag.

PROCESS : Fresh : hold your piece of ginger firmly in the middle of your palm and use the teaspoon to gently pull away the skin.

This is a great way to get around the knobs and knuckles on this slippery sucker. Or you can also store in the freezer with the skin on and grate from frozen.

Add the following Hax to your kitchen routine for quick results and easy flavour.

Garlic and Herb Butter and Savoury Spice Mash Up


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