Easy As : Sliced Tomatoes

Salad, pasta sauce, pizza, kebabs or soup time and you have loads of tomatoes to slice?

Well this Hax will cut your chopping down to a minimum. Doesn’t really matter if they’re cherry, regular or beefy – this works just as well for all sizes.



Recipe & Information

ALL YOU NEED : Chopping board, sharp knife, 2 dinner plates or 2 chopping boards with a flat surface. A bit of elbow grease (oi! oi!)

PROCESS : If using 2 plates, take the first plate, turn it over so you have the bottom up (this only works flat surface to flat surface). Pile your tomatoes on in one layer.

Take the other plate (board) and place on top. Apply a bit of pressure and press down so the tomatoes are snug against the surface. Take the knife and slice through all the tomatoes. Take some time to slap your forehead and laugh at the simplicity of it all. I do all the time!! If you want the skins off, use my Tomatoes No Skins… quick, easy and efficient Hax.


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Jax Hax