3 Fab Baking Hax

Let’s get baking and fill those tins with my top 3 baking hax.



Recipe & Information

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy : Skewer
The Perfect Dry Measure : An Elastic Band
Oil Spray : Bottle of oil and clean Spray Nozzle

Easy peasy lemon squeezy : Roll & press the lemon on your bench OR place in microwave for 10 secs , then pierce the end with the skewer and squeeze away. Because the flesh is not exposed to the air, it will not dry out.

Store in the fridge until ’empty’, slice, pop into ice trays and cover with water to create gin & tonic cubes.

The Perfect Dry Measure : Store your flours, sugars & powders in a container with an elastic band over the rim. When ready, scoop your dry ingredients then use the band to scrape a clean and perfect level measure.

Oil Spray Bottle : When you’ve finished with a multi surface cleaning spray, give the nozzle a good clean. Then unscrew the lid to a bog standard oil container like Canola or vegetable oil and screw on the nozzle. A much easier way to lightly grease any tin or tray. Ok, you’re good to go.

Add extra personality to your baking with my other quick, fab and simple hax :

  • Sweet As Butter (great to add to baking with a light citrus and sugar element)
  • Sweet Spice Mash Up (add your favourite spices to sugar and use when baking to create divine layers of flavour)


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