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Easy Squeeze Lemon – Jax Food Hax

With this funny, clever hack, you'll never have to chuck another dry, mouldy cut lemon away - ease the burden my friends, eeeeeaasassse the burden! Also, a fab way to keep your G&T full of flavour. This hack is good

3 Fab Baking Hax

Let's get baking and fill those tins with my top 3 baking hax.

Instant Ice Cream / Sorbet

Get prepped for instant ice cream or sorbet my peeps (click through for ice cream and sorbet flavour combos). When the sun is high and you can't be arsed to jump in your car, but you'd love a bowl of

Leftover Pastry?

'4 and 20 blackbirds baked in a pie...' so the rhyme goes, but it doesn't tell you what to do with the leftover cuttings.  That's where this (black) bird comes in!! Check out my fabulous, quick and delicious tips below.

No Eggs? No Problem!

We've all done it, you're half way through your baking prep, reach into your pantry and frustratingly have no eggs.  You really want that cake, it's raining, you're in your sweats and you don't want to go out. This hax

Easy As : Quick Slice

As well as your boiled eggs, an egg slice, has multiple functions in the kitchen. Take it out of the 'egg' context and its use becomes multi purpose. In this hax, I use mine to slice fruits and vegetables for

Fresh As : Lemons

Use this hax to ensure your mixing bowl is fat free, so when you drop your egg whites in for your meringues or pavlovas you get beautiful, voluminous, airy softy peaks. To remove any excess oil, spicy flavours or sticky

Amped Up Milk

Take creamy, milky desserts to a new level with this hax. Amp up the flavour of custard, sweet sauces, hot chocolate, rice puddings, panna cotta, creme brûlée, pancakes, baking and the perfect way to create homemade ice cream.

STAWberry Hull – Easy As

Another slap your forehead hax! A summertime must, this is the easiest and most efficient way to hull punnets of strawberries. Fabulous for macerating with icing sugar & a little alcohol for a fruit salad, ice cream, garnishes or even

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