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Bacon Roasting

For delicious, consistent, crispy rashers, don't waste time frying your bacon, especially when cooking for a crowd, use this hax instead to roast IN the goodness.

Dry Fresh Herbs

Have you recently, purchased fresh  herbs and have ½ a plant left, you really don't want to waste or have an abundance of fresh herbs in your garden?. Well, this hax adds flavour to your pantry without taking from your

Easy Mince Meat Portions

Solves portion sizes and storage issues ! Great for one person living alone or a big family.


A simple, easy and extra efficient way to use that knuckle grater AND save that cheese for later!


Chicken’s on special and your want to buy more than 1? Use this method to store your extras flat in your freezer. More space for more chicken!

Jax Hax