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Hello, I'm Jax Hamilton, amongst other things, a bloody good cook, mother, author
and your pantry mate.

I've created quick and easy short cuts that you can layer to help you on your way to create fabulous dishes with personality. You can combine the "hax" to suit you as an individual, couple, family and the contents of your pantry. Thus not only saving time, but also space and money.

I passionately believe we don't have to sacrifice what we cook and eat because of the time pressures we are under and I'm sure you will slap your head and laugh at the simplicity of it all! Before long my hax will become your everyday essentials.

Simply browse the hax below, trawl the categories or search a food problem/food type, then let me help you to resuscitate and revitalize those dormant ingredients taking up space in your pantry!

Free to access. Easy to share. Fun to learn.

Jax x

Recent Food Hax


A simple, easy and extra efficient way to use that knuckle grater AND save that cheese for later!


Chicken’s on special and your want to buy more than 1? Use this method to store your extras flat in your freezer. More space for more chicken!

Crunchy, Crispy Herb + Garlic Breadcrumbs

Don’t throw away the ends of your bread, create deliciously crispy crumbs to sprinkle over a cooked breakfast, soup, salad, lunch, dinner or as added crunch in a sandwich.

Garlic and Herb Butter

When recipes call for 3 processes, all you really need is this hax. Use to pan fry fish, meat, start a curry or risotto. Flavour enhancer for roasting meat, scrambled eggs, mashed spuds, stir-fried veges – the lot.


Waste no time or potatoes using this hax to turn your 'taties into perfectly cut chips in minutes!


No more boiling water and burnt fingers. From peeled to sauce/soup or pizza topping in no time!

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