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Hello, I'm Jax Hamilton, amongst other things, a bloody good cook, mother, author
and your pantry mate.

I've created quick and easy short cuts that you can layer to help you on your way to create fabulous dishes with personality. You can combine the "hax" to suit you as an individual, couple, family and the contents of your pantry. Thus not only saving time, but also space and money.

I passionately believe we don't have to sacrifice what we cook and eat because of the time pressures we are under and I'm sure you will slap your head and laugh at the simplicity of it all! Before long my hax will become your everyday essentials.

Simply browse the hax below, trawl the categories or search a food problem/food type, then let me help you to resuscitate and revitalize those dormant ingredients taking up space in your pantry!

Free to access. Easy to share. Fun to learn.

Jax x

Recent Food Hax

Easy As : Sliced Tomatoes

Salad, pasta sauce, pizza, kebabs or soup time and you have loads of tomatoes to slice? Well this Hax will cut your chopping down to a minimum. Doesn't really matter if they're cherry, regular or beefy - this works just

No Eggs? No Problem!

We've all done it, you're half way through your baking prep, reach into your pantry and frustratingly have no eggs.  You really want that cake, it's raining, you're in your sweats and you don't want to go out. This hax

Quick Clean Spice Grinder

If your coffee grinder doubles for prepping spices, chopping and changing between the two can leave you with residue oils and muddy flavours. With this easy, peasy, ric-ey hack, you will be spick and span in no time. Deets also

Garlic Storage

Garlic is a pantry must as it adds flavour, punch and personality to so many dishes. Sometimes however, when you reach for your bulb, it can have that bitter stem in the centre, that you need to remove OR it's

Lose That Pit / Pip!

Cherries and olives are so much nicer if you buy them fresh, but for every bowl of treasure, there's a sacrifice, in this case, a pit / pip. In this hax, Jax shows you a hilarious, fast, simple and efficient

Kitchen Stinky Fingers

Sniffing your fingers in public is NOT cool. If you’ve been chopping garlic, ginger, onions or all three of these finger smelling ingredients, then this is the quick-fix Hax for you. The minty abrasiveness of the toothpaste, is the perfect

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